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Fusion® MS-RA210 Marine Stereo


IPX6 and IPX7 ingress protection.

Designed and engineered for the harsh marine environment, the MS-RA210 stereo has an IPX6- and IPX7-rated water-resistant front panel to perform and last on board.

Modern design and aesthetics.

Providing uniformity across the helm, the black front face blends seamlessly into black glass panels, complementing other electronics and MFDs for a tidy and elegant installation.

Speed vs. volume.

With your stereo connected to an NMEA 2000® network with an appropriate speed sensor installed, selecting Speed vs. Volume from the stereo’s settings menu enables audio volume to be automatically adjusted based on your boat’s speed. Faster = louder; slower = lower volume. Compatible speed sources include speed over ground, speed through water, engine RPM or wind speed.


Enjoy more audio source options than ever before.

Freedom of choice to listen to what you want.

Take advantage of the many source options available, including BLUETOOTH® technology, DAB+ radio, AM/FM radio, AUX and USB connections.

Advanced SiriusXM features available.

Along with the addition of on-screen album art, a selection of advanced features is now available on SiriusXM.

Plot your paradise.

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